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Saturday, October 29, 2011

New evidence of Pentagon Nazi sins targeting innocent Americans and organizations

New evidence of Pentagon Nazi sins targeting innocent Americans and organizations

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"'When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in an America flag.' (Huey Long) It arrived ceremoniously on the morning of September 11, 2001..." Glen Yeadon and John Hawkins in Nazi Hydra in America

As whistleblowers are increasing pressure for recognition of their plight that is causing national insecurity, and a national campaign embarks to ungag former FBI agent, Sibel Edmonds,the Pentagon has disclosed hundreds of reports ofIntelligence activities showing it aiming at targeted individuals and organizations that the "Inspector General believes to be unlawful."

Exposing and expunging targeted individuals, including whistleblowers, might be closer at hand with Electronic Freedom Foundation's recent findings and lawsuit.

"Intelligence and "Surveillance" also means Assaulting - not just watching and gathering intel

Innocent individuals have been issuing complaints about being government targeted, under surveillance for militarized systematic harassment and assaults, only to be told by professionals, including those in the Department of Justice and the health field, that they are delusional. Their complaints are systematically dismissed or worse.

Some targeted individuals, known as "TIs," report that they have been confined for bogus psychiatric disorders, drugged and further injured, with no advocacy provided. The case of Attorney Richard Fine represents an untold number of such FIPs (falsely imprisoned/hospitalized individuals) paying this price for exposing corruption. The new, high-profie case of Phillip Ticktin is another example of what has become the American way of silencing people with moral integrity.Ticktin was recently picked up and confined for exposing facts about CIA drug running into the U.S. (to the nation's most vulnerable) according to investigative journalist, Wayne Madsen. Americans and the nation are unwittingly slipping into hell where lies and all other foms of evil dwell. The works of organizations such as EFF and those attempting to indict George W. Bush and co.

In a an Indict Bush Now letter to President Obama, signed by dozens of American political leaders and celebrities of integrity plus concerned citizens, it was stated:

"Thousands have been targeted because of their political beliefs and activities, their religious beliefs, their race and ethnicity, or because they inadvertently fell into one of the many broad categories to justify and execute the sweeping data collection programs. This is the modern-day variant of the discredited witch-hunts of the 1950s."(Click here to sign the statement)

Mainstream press is helping to cover-up the criminal activity with a widespread media black-out on this atrocity impacting thousands of American families, persecuting the wich-hunted targets similar to the way that Nazi's persecuted Jews sixty years ago.

All of this would be no surprise; there would be less denial about the TI phenomenon; and there would be more support for these survivors if facts about the intensive Nazi infiltration of United States government had not been suppressed, violating the First Amendment and human rights for all of those years. (Read Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century, Progressive Press)

Recently, KENS 5 TV investigative team broke the maintream press silence. (See Dupré, Human Targets: KENS 5 reports on Texan TIs tortured in houses of horrors,

Targeted Individuals (TIs) and extremists' domestic terrorism recently gained national attention due to San Antonio's Joe Conger, KENS 5 News, Dr. John Hall and San Antonio police department that took the human target, Cynthia Vurbeff incident reports with integrity according to the KENS 5 team.

In an earlier report by the writer, it was written:

Targeted Individuals (TIs), honest, law-abiding, peace-loving American citizens, many of whom are whistleblowers and/or human and civil rights advocates or journalists, but others seemingly randomly selected for target practice, have been filing complaints about 24-7 surveillance through GPS and cell phones used for their persecution and bodily harm for years, particularly since 2001."

In an ACLU and EFF lawsuit, evidence of the 24-7 surveillance was presented,

"ACLU and EFF filed an amicus brief in the Wisconsin Supreme Court arguing that state's law prohibits police from installing a GPS device on a person or person's car without first getting a warrant from a judge. A growing number of state high courts have decided that their citizens should be protected from suspicionless GPS tracking, recognizing that uninterrupted around-the-clock surveillance is qualitatively different from ordinary police observations of a suspect."

The required precursor to harass and assult targets is 24-7 surveillance.

The Department of Defense just released over 800 heavily-redacted pages of intelligence oversight reports. These detail the activities of the alleged illegal surveillance of targeted individuals and organizations. (Read EFFector Vol. 23, No. 6, March 1, 2010 Publication of Electronic Frontier Foundation.)

"The documents are the latest in an ongoing document release by more than a half-dozen intelligence agencies responding to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in July 2009" according to the foundation.

EFF reports, "Much of the reported improper activity consisted of intelligence gathering on so-called U.S. Persons, including citizens, permanent residents and U.S.-based organizations.

"Although Defense agencies are generally prohibited from collecting such information (except as part of foreign intelligence or counter-intelligence activity), it is apparent from the unredacted reports released to EFF that some DoD components have had chronic difficulty complying with that prohibition."

Learn more: Read the EFF full story at: and Nazi Hydra In America: Suppressed History of a Century by Yeadon and Hawkins (available atProgressive Press) that Howard Zinn stated is "a valuable history... Shocking... Sobering - Deserves to be widely read."

Deborah Dupré holds a B.S., M.S. and post-graduate diploma from U.S. and Australian universities, She has been a human and civil rights advocate for over 25 years in the U.S., Vanuatu and Australia. Support her work and book in progress about targeted individuals , by subscribing to Dupré's reports and by posting the link to this site(rather than entire article) unless republishing permission is granted. ( Dupré's most recent book, Operation H1N1: Vaccine Liberty or Death, an ebook, is available at Follow Dupré on Twitter @gdebd

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