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And when all the evil has come to pass, but the faithful of Christ have not apostatized from Him, then will come the Lord Jesus Christ from heaven with His angels and reward the just with eternal life and condemn the wicked to hell forevermore.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Communism is the collective Antichrist

From the beginning of the Church, the revelation from God and the teaching of the Church is that the Jew Religion (not to be confused with the Old Testament nation of Israel nor withJudah) is the Antichrist and that the final and singular and worst Antichrist will come from the Jews.

The recent “Patriarch of Moscow” was Alexei II - also known by his KGB name “Drozdov” (“blackbird”) for he was their agent.

He is an example of the result after many decades of infiltration into the Russian Orthodox Church of the Jews that took over Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century and instituted Communism in the USSR
. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

A similar thing occurred in the confines of the takeover of the Roman Catholic Church from 1958 to 1969 by the Jews via Freemasonry (which continues today). Joseph Ratzinger (now Benedict XVI) along with Rahner and Karol Wojtyla (later John Paul II) and Bugnini and others were the Freemasonic infiltrators that destroyed the confession of faith of the Roman Catholic Church for the prime reason of serving their Jew Freemasonic masters and having the Jews declared elder brothers of the faith and absolved of the sin of Perfidy. The Freemasonic lodge was heavily involved in the Russian Communist Revolution as well. Perfidy is the willful and complete rejection of God which the Jew religion remains guilty of today. No pretended absolution by Apostates like Rahner and Bugnini and Wojtyla and Benedict can possibly change that.

Vladimir Moss is a well versed Russian Orthodox scholar who has used the typology of the Book of the Revelation to show the destruction of the Russian Orthodox Church by the Communist Jews of Russia.

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In 1917 the world entered the era of the Antichrist. “He who restrains”, Orthodox monarchical power, was removed, the great apostasy began and Jewish antichristian power emerged from the underground into the foreground of world history. Since then, the possibility has been ever present that, together with the Antichrist, his seal, too, would appear – not tomorrow, not in generations to come, but today. This fact does not exclude the further possibility that the onslaught of the Antichrist may be temporarily weakened, even turned back, for a period before the end, and that, as some prophecies indicate, there will be a resurrection of the Orthodox empire “for a short time”. But in general the spiritual condition of mankind in the era of the Antichrist will sharply deteriorate, according to the holy fathers, which must make us especially vigilant with regard to the fulfillment of the prophecies contained in the Apocalypse.

The Soviet era was the first era in history in which the majority of Orthodox Christians have had to live for an extended period in a state not established by God and not recognized, but rather anathematized, by the Church – that is, in a state of anarchy which the Apocalypse calls the beast. As such, it is called the era of the collective Antichrist, in contrast to the era of the personal Antichrist, which is yet to come and which will spread over the whole earth. Being the Antichrist, Soviet power had its seal – those forms of legalization and commemoration which entailed the individual Christian’s or church organization’s recognition of the state as God-established and lawful.


  1. 58 to 69... very turbulent times. Amazing in retrospect just how much social engineering was taking place then. I remember much of it although I was not aware of it then... and although I had by then left the RC church I knew things were changing. So many Catholics are clueless about this... all around the world. Yet that is also when the bent cross began to go public and the popes become shiftier and shiftier...

    People will never get, en masse, that the Jews are their own messiah.... it is almost too complicated for most to grasp...

  2. Yes, that is true concerning the time period. Concerning the Jews' self chosen of themselves as their own Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ said:

    John 5:43
    I am come in the name of my Father, and you receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive.

    Beginning with Christ Jesus Himself and then the Apostles and after them the Church Fathers, the true Church has always taught this and that it means just what you are saying. It has always been known that many will not grasp it at the end. Note the astute understanding of the Russian Orthodox commenter here when he notes that first comes the collective Antichrist and then the personal individual. Every warning imaginable is given men - those who choose to ignore it and submit to the Antichrist are self condemned and their judgment to eternal damnation by God is absolutely just.