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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Anwar Sadat

Israeli Invasion of Lebanon 1982 | Palestine Facts:

"Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger"

Egypt’s Peace Proposals 1971-1973 | Palestine Facts

What was Egypt’s peace proposal in 1971-1973?

After the War of Attrition was ended by a US-brokered cease-fire agreement, Egypt expressed its willingness “to enter into a peace agreement with Israel” in a February 20, 1971 letter to the UN Jarring Mission, by then almost moribund. But this seeming moderation masked an unchanging Egyptian irredentism and unwillingness to accept a real peace, as shown by the letter’s sweeping reservations and preconditions. In fact, Sadat, very new as Egypt’s leader, was primarily motivated by a need to placate Egyptian opinion. He later recalled:

  • I believed that as military action was ruled out at the time, a diplomatic offensive had to be launched: the broad masses wanted to see action being taken at the time.

The crucial sentences about a “peace agreement with Israel” were neither published nor broadcast in Egypt. Moreover, Egypt refused to enter direct talks with the Jewish State. Israel attempted to at least transform the struggling Jarring mission into indirect talks by addressing all letters not to Jarring, but to the Egyptian government. Egypt refused to accept them.

Just after the letter to Jarring, Anwar Sadat, Egypt’s new president, addressed the Palestine National Council (PNC) meeting in Cairo. He promised support to the PLO “until victory” and declared that Egypt would not accept Resolution 242.

Five days after Sadat suggested he was ready to make peace with Israel, Mohammed Heikal, a Sadat confidant and editor of the semi-official Al-Ahram, wrote:

  • Arab policy at this stage has but two objectives. The first, the elimination of the traces of the 1967 aggression through an Israeli withdrawal from all the territories it occupied that year. The second objective is the elimination of the traces of the 1948 aggression, by the means of the elimination of the State of Israel itself. This is, however, as yet an abstract, undefined objective, and some of us have erred in commencing the latter step before the former.

Sadat branded 1971 “the year of decision” (peace or war) for Israel, yet no war developed when Israel failed to sign a peace treaty. In 1972 and 1973, Sadat expanded his efforts by trying to involve the United States, threatening war unless the US made Israel sign a agreement that included full withdrawal. The threats were discounted until the Yom Kippur War in October 1973.

Sadat’s Visit to Israel, 1977 | Palestine Facts:

"Pres. Nasser of Egypt saw his prestige collapse from the debacle of the Six Day War in 1967. Egyptian forces were destroyed as the Israeli’s swept through the Sinai to the Suez Canal, killing at least 3,000 soldiers. The devastation and loss of the Sinai oil fields threatened to bankrupt the Egyptian government. Arab internal hostilities and growing Palestinian nationalism strained Nasser’s abilities. At age 52, he collapsed and died of a heart attack on September 29, 1970."

Egypt’s Anwar Sadat Assassinated in 1981 | Palestine Facts:

"The Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt in 1978 led to a negotiated peace between those two nations in 1979, the first between Israel and any of its Arab neighbors.

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin shared the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize for bringing their countires into those historic agreements. However, the initiative was far from universally popular in Egypt and the Arab world in general, particularly among Muslim fundamentalists. The Arabs believed that only a unified Arab stance and the threat of force would persuade Israel to negotiate a settlement of the Palestinian issue that would satisfy Palestinian demands for a homeland. Without Egypt’s military power, the threat of force evaporated because no single Arab state was strong enough militarily to confront Israel alone. Thus, the Arabs felt betrayed and dismayed that the Palestinian issue, the core of the Arab-Israeli conflict, would remain an unresolved, destabilizing force in the region.

The agreement with Israel brought peace to Egypt but not prosperity. With no real improvement in the economy, Sadat became increasingly unpopular. His isolation in the Arab world was matched by his increasing remoteness from the mass of Egyptians. While Sadat’s critics in the Arab world remained beyond his reach, increasingly he reacted to criticism at home by expanding censorship and jailing his opponents. Sadat subjected the Egyptians to a series of referenda on his actions and proposals that he invariably won by more than 99 percent of the vote. In May 1980, an impressive, nonpartisan body of citizens charged Sadat with superseding his own constitution.

In the months leading up to the assassination Sadat had lost much of his support at home and in the West due to a brutal crackdown on fundamentalists. In June 1981 tensions between Muslims and Copts in Egypt exploded into a gruesome round of violence in the overcrowded Cairo slum of al-Zawiyya al-Hamra, precipitated by intense summer heat coupled with frequent cutoffs in the water supply. Men, women, and children were slaughtered."

1978 Camp David Peace Accords | Palestine Facts

What were the 1978 Camp David peace accords?

Egypt and Israel developed a state of war since the founding of Israel in 1948. A six-day war in 1967 saw Israel taking over Egypt’s Sinai area. After the consequences of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Egypt realized that their issues cannot be resolved with mere fighting and a diplomatic strategy should be adopted. And so, it was Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat who turned to diplomacy as his ultimate weapon, a move which was never taken up by any Arab state previously.

Camp David Accords have their roots in Sadat’s anomalous visit to Jerusalem which lasted from November 19-21, 1977. Sadat visited Jerusalem to address Israeli Knesset, marking it the first ever visit to Israel by any Arab head of the state. For this act, Sadat’s name was included in Times Magazine as the “Man of the Year for 1977.”

The consequence of Sadat’s visit led to the targeted peace negotiations between Israel and Egypt that went on intermittently for one year. Then came a deadlock in negotiations and to break it and move forward, President Carter invited Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to Camp David (Maryland) on September 5, 1978 for a summit meeting between the US, Egypt and Israel.

There were twelve days of covert meetings and negotiations at the Presidential retreat between the two representatives from Egypt and Israel, arbitrated by President Carter. The Egyptian-Israeli meeting which lasted from September 5 to September 17, 1978 came to a conclusion with both parties signing an agreement in the White House. The agreements had its base in the UN Resolutions 242 and 338, with the purpose of bringing peaceful solutions to the issues between Egypt and Israel, in addition to providing “a just, comprehensive, and durable settlement of the Middle East conflict” for any other neighboring Arab state seeking to come to terms with Israel.

The first deal in the agreements was for Israel to give over the control of Sinai to Egypt within three months. Following this, Israel agreed to vacate Sinai and dismantle its air bases in a period of three years. In return, Egypt agreed to maintain complete diplomatic terms with Israel and to allow Israel safe passage through the Gulf of Aqaba, the Strait of Tiran and the Suez Canal.

Second agreement in the Camp David Accords was regarding the question of Palestine, which included a framework laying down the method of negotiations involving the settlement of West Bank and Gaza as Palestinian territories.

The agreement between Egypt and Israel clearly established the relations that the two countries will share in future; withdrawal of forces from the Sinai, demilitarization in the peninsula and the framework of supervision as well. Matters regarding the future of Gaza, Judea and Samaria were however less clear in the agreement and later took the form of different interpretations for the US, Israel and Egypt.

President Carter became the witness of the Accords signed between Israel and Egypt. The peace negotiations between the two nations became the first of its kind between Israel and any Arab State and the representatives of the two nations, Sadat and Begin were awarded with a Nobel Peace Prize in 1978 for taking this initiative.

Omar Khayyam: Surrendering Islam


See after this article for explanation of what this propaganda from KGB FSB agent Shamir is really about.



Many thanks to NorthernTruthSeeker for finding and posting the following article by Israel Shamir. Both the article and NTS’ comments are not to be missed. This piece puts a whole new read on this infamous war and shows once again, the depth of meddling by American interests in the Middle East on behalf of itself and Israel. It also exposes Anwar Sadat as the criminal betrayer of Egypt that he truly was.

February 24, 2012
According to our "official" history, back on October 6th, 1973, during the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur, the armies of both Egypt and Syria launched massive strikes against Israeli forces on the Golan Heights and on the Sinai Peninsula side of the Suez Canal.
These attacks caught the Israelis off guard, and both the Syrian army and the Egyptian army made inroads into the Israeli occupied areas rather quickly. However, after several days, the Egyptian army stopped and the Syrian army was halted due to strong Israeli counter-attacks.
After that point, with a massive airlift of American supplies, the Israeli armies turned the tide and rapidly pushed the Syrian army back off the Golan Heights, while on the Egyptian front, they counterattacked, and crossed the Suez Canal to encircle one of the attacking Egyptian armies as well. Finally a ceasefire was arranged and the war was basically over. Again, this is the "official" history that we have been told by our so called "history" books.

Again, readers, it does appear that our so called "history" may not appear as it seems. I want to present the following very startling report from Israel Shamir, through the website: My Catbird Seat, at, entitled: "What Really Happened In The "Yom Kippur" War" for everyone to read for themselves. It brings some very shocking revelations that many may find quite disturbing... But as I have always said, what passes as history usually is not as it seems! I do have some further comments to follow:


My Catbird Seat
February 24, 2012

ED NOTE: Now…Israel Shamir treats us to some lucid and credible description of byzantine intrigues, deceits, and betrayals…

February 22, 2012

Here in Moscow I recently received a dark-blue folder dated 1975. It contains one of the most well-buried secrets of Middle Eastern and of US diplomacy.

The secret file, written by the Soviet Ambassador in Cairo, Vladimir M. Vinogradov, apparently a draft for a memorandum addressed to the Soviet politbureau, describes the 1973 October War as a collusive enterprise between US, Egyptian and Israeli leaders, orchestrated by Henry Kissinger.

If you are an Egyptian reader this revelation is likely to upset you.

I, an Israeli who fought the Egyptians in the 1973 war, was equally upset and distressed, ~ yet still excited by the discovery.
For an American it is likely to come as a shock. According to the Vinogradov memo (to be published by us in full in the Russian weekly Expert next Monday), Anwar al-Sadat, holder of the titles of President, Prime Minister, ASU Chairman, Chief Commander, Supreme Military Ruler, entered into conspiracy with the Israelis, betrayed his ally Syria, condemned the Syrian army to destruction and Damascus to bombardment, allowed General Sharon’s tanks to cross without hindrance to the western bank of the Suez Canal, and actually planned a defeat of the Egyptian troops in the October War.
Egyptian soldiers and officers bravely and successfully fought the Israeli enemy ~ too successfully for Sadat’s liking as he began the war in order to allow for the US comeback to the Middle East.

He was not the only conspirator: according to Vinogradov, the grandmotherly Golda Meir knowingly sacrificed two thousand of Israel’s best fighters ~ she possibly thought fewer would be killed ~ in order to give Sadat his moment of glory and to let the US secure its positions in the Middle East.

The memo allows for a completely new interpretation of the Camp David Treaty, as one achieved by deceit and treachery.

Vladimir Vinogradov was a prominent and brilliant Soviet diplomat; he served as ambassador to Tokyo in the 1960s, to Cairo from 1970 to 1974, co-chairman of the Geneva Peace Conference, ambassador to Teheran during the Islamic revolution, the USSR Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

He was a gifted painter and a prolific writer; his archive has hundreds of pages of unique observations and notes covering international affairs, but the place of honor goes to his Cairo diaries, and among others, descriptions of his hundreds of meetings with Sadat and the full sequence of the war as he observed it unfold at Sadat’s hq as the big decisions were made.

When published, these notes will allow to re-evaluation of the the post-Nasser period of Egyptian history.

Vinogradov arrived to Cairo for Nasser’s funeral and remained there as the Ambassador. He recorded the creeping coup of Sadat, least bright of Nasser’s men, who became Egypt’s president by chance, as he was the vice-president at Nasser’s death. Soon he dismissed, purged and imprisoned practically all important Egyptian politicians, the comrades-in-arms of Gamal Abd el Nasser, and dismantled the edifice of Nasser’s socialism. Vinogradov was an astute observer; not a conspiracy cuckoo.
Far from being headstrong and doctrinaire, he was a friend of Arabs and a consistent supporter and promoter of a lasting and just peace between the Arabs and Israel, a peace that would meet Palestinian needs and ensure Jewish prosperity.

The pearl of his archive is the file called The Middle Eastern Games. It contains some 20 typewritten pages edited by hand in blue ink, apparently a draft for a memo to the Politburo and to the government, dated January 1975, soon after his return from Cairo.

The file contains the deadly secret of the collusion he observed. It is written in lively and highly readable Russian, not in the bureaucratese we’d expect. Two pages are added to the file in May 1975; they describe Vinogradov’s visit to Amman and his informal talks with Abu Zeid Rifai, the Prime Minister, and his exchange of views with the Soviet Ambassador in Damascus.

Vinogradov did not voice his opinions until 1998, and even then he did not speak as openly as in this draft. Actually, when the suggestion of collusion was presented to him by the Jordanian prime minister, being a prudent diplomat, he refused to discuss it.

The official version of the October war holds that on October 6, 1973, in conjunction with Hafez al-Assad of Syria, Anwar as-Sadat launched a surprise attack against Israeli forces. They crossed the Canal and advanced a few miles into the occupied Sinai.

As the war progressed, tanks of General Ariel Sharon crossed the Suez Canal and encircled the Egyptian Third Army. The ceasefire negotiations eventually led to the handshake at the White House.

For me, the Yom Kippur War (as we called it) was an important part of my autobiography. A young paratrooper, I fought that war, crossed the canal, seized Gabal Ataka heights, survived shelling and face-to-face battles, buried my buddies, shot the man-eating red dogs of the desert and the enemy tanks.

My unit was ferried by helicopters into the desert where we severed the main communication line between the Egyptian armies and its home base, the Suez-Cairo highway. Our location at 101 km to Cairo was used for the first cease fire talks; so I know that war not by word of mouth, and it hurts to learn that I and my comrades-at-arms were just disposable tokens in the ruthless game we ~– ordinary people ~ lost. Obviously I did not know it then, for me the war was a surprise, but then, I was not a general.

Vinogradov dispels the idea of surprise: in his view, both the canal crossing by the Egyptians and the inroads by Sharon were planned and agreed upon in advance by Kissinger, Sadat and Meir.
The plan included the destruction of the Syrian army as well. At first, he asks some questions: how the crossing could be a surprise if the Russians evacuated their families a few days before the war?
The concentration of the forces was observable and could not escape Israeli attention. Why did the Egyptian forces not proceed after the crossing but stood still?

Why did they have no plans for advancing?

Why there was a forty km-wide unguarded gap between the 2d and the 3d armies, the gap that invited Sharon’s raid?

How could Israeli tanks sneak to the western bank of the Canal?

Why did Sadat refuse to stop them?

Why were there no reserve forces on the western bank of the Canal?
Vinogradov takes a leaf from Sherlock Holmes who said: when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. He writes:
These questions can’t be answered if Sadat is to be considered a true patriot of Egypt. But they can be answered in full, if we consider a possibility of collusion between Sadat, the US and Israeli leadership ~ a conspiracy in which each participant pursued his own goals.

A conspiracy in which each participant did not know the full details of other participants’ game.

A conspiracy in which each participant tried to gain more ground despite the overall agreement between them.


Before the war Sadat was at the nadir of his power: in Egypt and abroad he had lost prestige. The least educated and least charismatic of Nasser’s followers, Sadat was isolated.

He needed a war, a limited war with Israel that would not end with defeat. Such a war would release the pressure in the army and he would regain his authority. The US agreed to give him a green light for the war, something the Russians never did.

The Russians protected Egypt’s skies, but they were against wars. For that, Sadat had to rely upon the US and part with the USSR. He was ready to do so as he loathed socialism.

He did not need victory, just no defeat; he wanted to explain his failure to win by deficient Soviet equipment. That is why the army was given the minimal task: crossing the Canal and hold the bridgehead until the Americans entered the game.


During decolonization the US lost strategic ground in the Middle East with its oil, its Suez Canal, its vast population. Its ally Israel had to be supported, but the Arabs were growing stronger all the time. Israel had to be made more flexible, for its brutal policies interfered with the US plans.

So the US had to keep Israel as its ally but at the same time Israel’s arrogance had to be broken.

The US needed a chance to “save” Israel after allowing the Arabs to beat the Israelis for a while. So the US allowed Sadat to begin a limited war.

Israel’s leaders had to help the US, its main provider and supporter. The US needed to improve its positions in the Middle East, as in 1973 they had only one friend and ally, King Feisal. (Kissinger told Vinogradov that Feisal tried to educate him about the evilness of Jews and Communists.)

If and when the US was to recover its position in the Middle East, the Israeli position would improve drastically. Egypt was a weak link, as Sadat disliked the USSR and the progressive forces in the country, so it could be turned. Syria could be dealt with militarily, and broken.

The Israelis and Americans decided to let Sadat take the Canal while holding the mountain passes of Mittla and Giddi, a better defensive line anyway. This was actually Rogers’ plan of 1971, acceptable to Israel. But this should be done in fighting, not given up for free.

As for Syria, it was to be militarily defeated, thoroughly. That is why the Israeli Staff did send all its available troops to the Syrian border, while denuding the Canal though the Egyptian army was much bigger than the Syrian one. Israeli troops at the Canal were to be sacrificed in this game; they were to die in order to bring the US back into the Middle East.

However, the plans of the three partners were somewhat derailed by the factors on the ground: it is the usual problem with conspiracies; nothing works as it should, Vinogradov writes in his memo to be published in full next week in Moscow’s Expert.

Sadat’s crooked game was spoiled to start with. His presumptions did not work out. Contrary to his expectations, the USSR supported the Arab side and began a massive airlift of its most modern military equipment right away. The USSR took the risk of confrontation with the US; Sadat had not believed they would because the Soviets were adamant against the war, before it started. His second problem, according to Vinogradov, was the superior quality of Russian weapons in the hands of Egyptian soldiers ~ better than the western weapons in the Israelis’ hands.

As an Israeli soldier of the time I must confirm the Ambassador’s words. The Egyptians had the legendary Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles, the best gun in the world, while we had FN battle rifles that hated sand and water. We dropped our FNs and picked up their AKs at the first opportunity.

They used anti-tank Sagger missiles, light, portable, precise, carried by one soldier. Saggers killed between 800 and 1200 Israeli tanks. We had old 105 mm recoilless jeep-mounted rifles, four men at a rifle (actually, a small cannon) to fight tanks. Only new American weapons redressed the imbalance.

Sadat did not expect the Egyptian troops taught by the Soviet specialists to better their Israeli enemy ~ but they did. They crossed the Canal much faster than planned and with much smaller losses.

Arabs beating the Israelis ~ it was bad news for Sadat. He overplayed his hand. That is why the Egyptian troops stood still, like the sun upon Gibeon, and did not move. They waited for the Israelis, but at that time the Israeli army was fighting the Syrians. The Israelis felt somewhat safe from Sadat’s side and they sent all their army north.

The Syrian army took the entire punch of Israeli forces and began its retreat. They asked Sadat to move forward, to take some of the heat off them, but Sadat refused. His army stood and did not move, though there were no Israelis between the Canal and the mountain passes.

Syrian leader al Assad was convinced at that time that Sadat betrayed him, and he said so frankly to the Soviet ambassador in Damascus, Mr Muhitdinov, who passed this to Vinogradov.

Vinogradov saw Sadat daily and asked him in real time why he was not advancing. He received no reasonable answer: Sadat muttered that he does not want to run all over Sinai looking for Israelis, that sooner or later they would come to him.

The Israeli leadership was worried: the war was not going as expected. There were big losses on the Syrian front, the Syrians retreated but each yard was hard fought; only Sadat’s passivity saved the Israelis from a reverse. The plan to for total Syrian defeat failed, but the Syrians could not effectively counterattack.

This was the time to punish Sadat: his army was too efficient, his advance too fast, and worse, his reliance upon the Soviets only grew due to the air bridge. The Israelis arrested their advance on Damascus and turned their troops southwards to Sinai. The Jordanians could at this time have cut off the North-to-South route and King Hussein proposed this to Sadat and Assad.

Assad agreed immediately, but Sadat refused to accept the offer. He explained it to Vinogradov that he did not believe in the fighting abilities of the Jordanians. If they entered the war, Egypt would have to save them. At other times he said that it is better to lose the whole of Sinai than to lose a square yard on the Jordan: an insincere and foolish remark, in Vinogradov’s view. So the Israeli troops rolled southwards without hindrance.

During the war, we (the Israelis) also knew that if Sadat advanced, he would gain the whole of Sinai in no time; we entertained many hypotheses why he was standing still, none satisfactory. Vinogradov explains it well: Sadat ran off his script and was waited for US involvement. What he got was the deep raid of Sharon.

This breakthrough of the Israeli troops to the western bank of the Canal was the murkiest part of the war, Vinogradov writes. He asked Sadat’s military commanders at the beginning of the war why there is the forty km wide gap between the Second and the Third armies and was told that this was Sadat’s directive. The gap was not even guarded; it was left wide open like a Trojan backdoor in a computer program.

Sadat paid no attention to Sharon’s raid; he was indifferent to this dramatic development. Vinogradov asked him to deal with it when only the first five Israeli tanks crossed the Canal westwards; Sadat refused, saying it was of no military importance, just a “political move”, whatever that meant. He repeated this to Vinogradov later, when the Israeli foothold on the Western bank became a sizeable bridgehead.

Sadat did not listen to advice from Moscow, he opened the door for the Israelis into Africa. This allows for two explanations, says Vinogradov: an impossible one, of the Egyptians’ total military ignorance and an improbable one, of Sadat’s intentions. The improbable wins, as Sherlock Holmes observed.

The Americans did not stop the Israeli advance right away, says Vinogradov, for they wanted to have a lever to push Sadat so he would not change his mind about the whole setup. Apparently the gap was build into the deployments for this purpose. So Vinogradov’s idea of “conspiracy” is that of dynamic collusion, similar to the collusion on Jordan between the Jewish Yishuv and Transjordan as described by Avi Shlaim: there were some guidelines and agreements, but they were liable to change, depending on the strength of the sides.


The US “saved” Egypt by stopping the advancing Israeli troops. With the passive support of Sadat, the US allowed Israel to hit Syria really hard.

The US-negotiated disengagement agreements with the UN troops in-between made Israel safe for years to come.

(In a different and important document, “Notes on Heikal’s book Road to Ramadan”, Vinogradov rejects the thesis of the unavoidability of Israeli-Arab wars: he says that as long as Egypt remains in the US thrall, such a war is unlikely. Indeed there have been no big wars since 1974, unless one counts Israeli “operations” in Lebanon and Gaza.)

The US “saved” Israel with military supplies.

Thanks to Sadat, the US came back to the Middle East and positioned itself as the only mediator and “honest broker” in the area.

Sadat began a violent anti-Soviet and antisocialist campaign, Vinogradov writes, trying to discredit the USSR. In the Notes, Vinogradov charges that Sadat spread many lies and disinformation to discredit the USSR in the Arab eyes. His main line was: the USSR could not and would not liberate Arab soil while the US could, would and did.

Vinogradov explained elsewhere that the Soviet Union was and is against offensive wars, among other reasons because their end is never certain. However, the USSR was ready to go a long way to defend Arab states. As for liberation, the years since 1973 have proved that the US can’t or won’t deliver that, either ~ while the return of Sinai to Egypt in exchange for separate peace was always possible, without a war as well.

After the war, Sadat’s positions improved drastically. He was hailed as hero, Egypt took a place of honor among the Arab states. But in a year, Sadat’s reputation was in tatters again, and that of Egypt went to an all time low, Vinogradov writes.

The Syrians understood Sadat’s game very early: on October 12, 1973 when the Egyptian troops stood still and ceased fighting, President Hafez el Assad said to the Soviet ambassador that he is certain Sadat was intentionally betraying Syria. Sadat deliberately allowed the Israeli breakthrough to the Western bank of Suez, in order to give Kissinger a chance to intervene and realize his disengagement plan, said Assad to Jordanian Prime Minister Abu Zeid Rifai who told it to Vinogradov during a private breakfast they had in his house in Amman.

The Jordanians also suspect Sadat played a crooked game, Vinogradov writes. However, the prudent Vinogradov refused to be drawn into this discussion though he felt that the Jordanians “read his thoughts.”

When Vinogradov was appointed co-chairman of the Geneva Peace Conference, he encountered a united Egyptian-American position aiming to disrupt the conference, while Assad refused even to take part in it. Vinogradov delivered him a position paper for the conference and asked whether it is acceptable for Syria. Assad replied: yes but for one line. Which one line, asked a hopeful Vinogradov, and Assad retorted: the line saying “Syria agrees to participate in the conference.” Indeed the conference came to naught, as did all other conferences and arrangements.

Though the suspicions voiced by Vinogradov in his secret document have been made by various military experts and historians, never until now they were made by a participant in the events, a person of such exalted position, knowledge, and presence at key moments. Vinogradov’s notes allow us to decipher and trace the history of Egypt with its de-industrialization, poverty, internal conflicts, military rule tightly connected with the phony war of 1973.

A few years after the war, Sadat was assassinated, and his hand-picked follower Hosni Mubarak began his long rule, followed by another participant of the October War, Gen Tantawi.

Achieved by lies and treason, the Camp David Peace treaty still guards Israeli and American interests. Only now, as the post-Camp David regime in Egypt is on the verge of collapse, one may hope for change. Sadat’s name in the pantheon of Egyptian heroes was safe until now. In the end, all that is hidden will be made transparent.


In 1975, Vinogradov could not predict that the 1973 war and subsequent treaties would change the world. They sealed the fate of the Soviet presence and eminence in the Arab world, though the last vestiges were destroyed by American might much later: in Iraq in 2003 and in Syria they are being undermined now. They undermined the cause of socialism in the world, which began its long fall.

The USSR, the most successful state of 1972, an almost-winner of the Cold war, eventually lost it.

Thanks to the American takeover of Egypt, petrodollar schemes were formed, and the dollar that began its decline in 1971 by losing its gold standard ~ recovered and became again a full-fledged world reserve currency. The oil of the Saudis and of sheikdoms being sold for dollars became the new lifeline for the American empire. Looking back, armed now with the Vinogradov Papers, we can confidently mark 1973-74 as a decisive turning point in our history.

ISRAEL SHAMIR has been sending dispatches to CounterPunch from Moscow.
Israel Shamir is a critically acclaimed and respected Russian Israeli writer. He has written extensively and translated Joyce and Homer into Russian. He lives in Jaffa, is a Christian, and an outspoken critic of Israel and Zionism. Israel Shamir can be reached

NTS Notes: I was only 13 years old at the time of the Yom Kippur war, and was only getting my own information at the time through the liars in the so called media. I do remember, however, years later when doing research into this war, how I could not figure out WHY the Egyptian and Syrian armies halted their advances...There was always the claim that Israel was possibly threatening to unleash their Samson Option of using nuclear weapons against Cairo and Damascus, but I thought there was something else going on.

I could see that the Israeli stubborn defense on the Golan Heights could have thwarted the Syrian advance, but the Egyptian lack of initiative after their initial successes puzzled me immensely. They were in the clear, basically, with nothing to stop them from advancing deep into Sinai. Instead they just halted and allowed a massive hole between their two armies in the Sinai to blatantly stay open to allow for the "Sharon Raid" to take place. For such a poor tactic to take place on the part of the Egyptians was either sheer stupidity, or there was something else afoot.

I do not doubt it for a second that what has been passed as "history" about this war is an absolute falsehood. And it would not surprise me one bit that the ultra-zionist Jewish criminal Henry Kissinger was behind the entire orchestration of this war one bit. What is sad is that thousands of troops on both sides of that conflict died for their twisted leadership's political gains, to end the Soviet influence in the Middle East, and to allow the United States to come in to both "save" Israel, and be the great political peace broker.....

I have always said that what we have as our so called "Official History" is nothing but pure lies... I have made it my duty to get some real history out for everyone to see and judge for themselves. For if we have not learned from history, then we are surely doomed to repeat it.

More to come



Agreements Ending the Yom Kippur War 1973 | Palestine Facts

What agreements were negotiated to end the Yom Kippur War?

The Yom Kippur War, also known as the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, was a war between Israel and an alliance of two Arab states, Syria and Egypt. The war which started on October 6, ended on October 25, 1973 by the intercession of Soviet Union and the US who provoked the UN Security Council resolutions of the series 338-340.

A cease-fire agreement between Egypt and Israel was signed formally on November 11, 1973 in a tent which was erected at the “Kilometer 101” checkpoint located on the Cairo-Suez road. Since the signing of the 1949 armistice agreements, this marked the first agreements between Israel and any Arab country.

In December 1973, a Peace Conference was held in Geneva where the invitees were Israel, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and was a joint effort by the Soviet Union and the United States to effectuate any concrete Arab-Israeli peace negotiations. This conference was recognized by UN Security Council Resolution 344 and was based on the Resolution 338, calling for a “just and durable peace”. However, the conference was adjourned on January 9, 1974 as Syria refused attendance and also because PLO was not invited.

Kissinger, US Secretary of State took up the use of direct diplomacy with Israel and the Arab states involved in the opposition. The first fruitful result was an initial military disengagement agreement, which was signed by Israel and Egypt on January 18, 1974. This agreement, which later came to be known as Sinai I, was given the name of ‘Sinai Separation of Forces Agreement’. Under the terms of the agreement, Israel agreed to pull back its forces from the areas West of Suez Canal which it had occupied since the cease-fire in October 1973. Moreover, the Israeli forces were also pulled back from an area of several miles, an area where the security zones for Egypt, UN and Israel were created, each roughly six miles wide.

This agreement proved beneficial for Egypt as it regained its control over the western and eastern banks of the canal which all fell under the Egyptian territory. Although Israel gave over 12-13 miles of the eastern bank of the canal, it still occupied the rest of Sinai.

An end to eighty one days of artillery battle over Golan front was put with another diplomatic strike by Kissinger who brought Israel and Syria to sign the Agreement on Disengagement on May 31, 1974. The agreement resulted in Syria gaining back the control over areas which were occupied by Israel in October 1973 war and also from the war in 1967. A further agreement came in the form of UN Security Council Resolution 350, signed on May 31, 1974. According to the agreement, Syrian civilians would be allowed to return to their respective restored areas from where they fled during the hostilities.

For the issue of Sinai front which was still unresolved, another Egyptian-Israeli disengagement agreement was signed in Geneva on September 4, 1975 which was given the name of the ‘Sinai Interim Agreement’, later changed to Sinai II. This agreement led Israel to withdraw from another 12-26 miles and a new buffer zone for UN was created at the vacated area. The Israeli Prime Minister, Rabin agreed to sign the agreement mainly to please the US, to put a wedge between the alliance of Egypt and Syria, and not with much intention of reconciliation.

There were some other features of the Egyptian-Israeli agreement as well in which both parties agreed to not use or threaten to use forces or military blockades; follow ceasefire justly; make arrangements for the annual renewal of UNEF mandate; permission from Egypt to let the non-military cargoes transporting between the two places pass through the Suez Canal; and, an agreement that the US will provide around 200 men to work as civil technicians at the early-warning stations for the areas of Mitla and Giddi passes.

What Israel (Tyrannically Occupied Palestine) is really up to with their Bolshevik (Yes they still are that.) Russian Jews' Kahal co-conspirators.

Communista Internationale Sixth: A Short History of the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict: Past Is Prologue

McCain is their boy in the West.

The Justice of God: "I Have The Power" is the outward appurtenance of the MKULTRA type mind control and propaganda control based in ancient pagan Twilight Language shown herePalestine Cry: Lord have mercy on Your suffering ones

The Evil of Twilight Language. Twilight language is sorcery and demonic obsession. It has ancient engraved-sculptured artifacts associated with it. Their purpose is to be the idol by which demonic spirits are conjured to possess the unsuspecting initiate-victim.

Ancient Mesopotamian Assyro-Sumerian-Indic engraved-sculptured Twilight language idol bas relief. This is descended from the post flood Tower of Babel worship that God condemned.

Egyptian idolatry for same purposes descended from the Mesopotamian.

Via ancient Near East, this idolatry spread to the Persian-Indian-Asian cultures of the East.

Another example of the same kind of demonic idol as the above.

Modern black magic engraving based on Apocryphal Pseudepigraphic Gnosticism.

Modern result of the black magic and sorcery. Innocent Arab women in Palestine has her land ripped from her by pillaging Israeli bulldozer. Yet due to twilight language propaganda in the minds of many people in the West, they somehow see this harmless innocent lady as the wrongdoer and not the bulldozer driver and those with him. The Bulldozer driver and his co-criminals are of course the ones who are totally wrong and evil in what they do. The Palestinian woman and her family are absolutely in the right and must be protected and vindicated and given full rights, including full right of return to the land that is theirs in the first place.


While Father Feeney has been unjustly slandered and defamed and side swiped in every way imaginable and honest reporting about the persecution of Christians in the Holy Land banned from the public forum, every form of lie and propaganda is pushed into people's consciousness.

Father Feeney

Honest Reporting about the Holy Land - Ikret


Remember Rod Serling {Rodman Edward "Rod" Serling (December 25, 1924 – June 28, 1975)}, the Jewish Writer who hosted a TV show, way back in the black and white days of Television which he wrote, called the Twilight Zone? It was obsessive about two things, twilight language/obsession and the "holocaust." Both are propagandistic in the hands of those who push them into the consciousness of the unsuspecting.

This link below shows the utterly occult infiltration via Jewish Apostasy: Lurianic Kabalistic Talmudic Mishnah, Gemara, sorcery - Zohar and every form of pagan infidel magic and mix of "conspiracy theory" into the consciousness of people by Fortean and pre-Fortean ancient pagan (Assyro-Babylonian-Persian-Indian Sanskrit/pre-Sanskrit) Obsessive-Compulsive Twilight Language to confuse and obviate and obscure in every way possible, especially by telling half truths, so that the real issues of true faith in God and the persecution of Christians in the Holy Land and throughout the earth and the murder of babies by abortion and the persecution of the Palestinians in their own land by interlopers is utterly pushed aside and ignored with the objective that vast parts of the so called "mainstream" will sit idly by while consenting to what they watch, knowing full well that it is evil, and not lift a finger to stop it. This is REAL "chutzpah."

See this:

Welcome to the 3rd Dimension.....

This is the Kabalistic View of the Naqba

Zionism 101 and the Palestine Conflict

This is a truth teller.

The Life of an American Jew
in Racist Marxist Israel

Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein

This is where it is leading the world to:

The Mark, the Name, the Number of the beast and the Tower of Babel = Ecumenism

The Mark of the beast

"16. The followers of Antichrist will be marked with a character in imitation of the sign that St. John saw upon the foreheads of the servants of God. This indicates that Antichrist and his prophet will introduce ceremonies to imitate the Sacraments of the Church. In fact there will be a complete organization ―― a church of Satan set up in opposition to the Church of Christ. Satan will assume the part of God the Father; Antichrist will be honored as Saviour, and his prophet will usurp the role of Pope. Their ceremonies will counterfeit the Sacraments and their works of magic be heralded as miracles. A similar project was attempted in the fourth century when Julian the Apostate counterfeited Catholic worship with pagan ceremonies in honor of Mithras and Cybele. He established a priesthood and instituted ceremonies in imitation of Baptism and Confirmation."Rev. E. Sylvester Berry, D.D.
The Apocalypse of St. John
Discussion on Apoc: xiii, 16.
John W. Winterich, Columbus, Ohio, 1921

Originally there were in ancient religion four elements (fire spirit water earth) with spirit deleted by the pagans and air and then also and/or aether inserted. These were variously identified with the visible planets and gods/goddesses of the pagans. The order was also rearranged variously and finally a sixth element was added: universal mind (just as the heretical interpretation of Jesus Christ as the impersonal word of God, instead of enhypostasia which is correct that Jesus Christ is the Person-al Son and Word of God incarnate). Finally language was seen as the mystical means of connecting with the powers of the gods/goddesses (actually Satan and the other fallen angels and the demons [demons are, according to the Church Fathers, the non-human souls of the pre-flood nephilim]), and with that alpha-numeric theosophies, namely Hebrew Gematria (Greek and Roman variations are Isopsephia) were especially used. These connections were for the sorcery/magic astrological control over the elements (Greek – stoichea)and even other men. Trigrams, pentagrams, hexagramset al were symbols used in conjunction with this. The final Mark of the Beast will not be accidental or co-incidental. The final mark of the Antichrist (the Beast) will be willful knowingly on purpose representation of the damned individual’s name by gematria/isopsephia spelling of his name to equal 666. He will seek to impress this knowingly on all men. All who knowingly take it will be irrevocably damned. The Mark of the beast, now and then is also the so called ‘Magen Star of David’ which is actually the star of Rempham (Satan) that St. Stephen condemned in the book of the Acts (see below).

If one studies freemasonry one finds that it is the worst kept secret there is, on purpose. They intend to be more and more open about their aims until people openly join in their rebellion against God for that very reason. It is true that there are roots of Byzantine-Venetian banking -- Phnariot, Darius Socinus etc., and there is a stabilization of the power that was concentrated therein and in connection with Switzerland (including the powerful Warburgs and Rothschilds). It is also true that without the connivings of Cardinal Richelieu it would have been stopped a long time ago. It is also true that unscrupulous Jews were involved every step of the way as Bernard Lazare, himself a Jew tells us. There were Jews round Adam Weishaupt in the late 1700’s when Weishaupt added the very Lurianic Illuminism, overt Satanism, the final formulation in which (Weishaupt’s formula) “it will advance until its final conflict with Christianity must determine whether Christ or Satan shall reign on this earth to the end.” Weishaupt’s way is the way of the Masonic lodges today, to first seduce men into his organization through its lower degrees. To quote Monsignor Dillon from his Edinburgh lectures:

"A man, though in Masonry, may not be willing to become an atheist or a Socialist, for some time at least. He may have in his heart a profound conviction that God exists, and some hope left ofreturning to that God at or before his death. He may have entered Masonry for purposes of ambition, for motives of vanity, from mere lightness of character. He may continue hisprayers and refuse, if a Catholic, to give up theMother of God and some practice of piety loved by him from his youth. But Masonry is a capital system to wean a man gradually away from all these things. It does not at once deny the existence of God, nor at once attack the Christian dispensation. It commences by giving the Christian idea of God an easy and, under semblance of respect, an almost imperceptible shake. It swears by the name of God in all its oaths. It calls Him, however, not a Creator, only an architect — the great Architect of the universe. It carefully avoids all mention of Christ, of the Adorable Trinity, of the unity of Faith, or of any faith. It protests a respect for the convictions of every man, for the idolatrous Parsee, for the Mohammedan (which Dillon should refer to as Muslim), the heretic, the Jew, the schismatic, the Catholic. By and by, in higher degrees, it gives a ruder shock to the belief in the Deity, and a gradual inducement to favor Naturalism." In the above quote both the Mohammedan (which Dillon should refer to as Muslim) and the Catholic are not condemned since both worship the true God. What is condemned is the mixing of that with the idolaters.

It is Masonry that we find at the core of the Vatican II apostasy. The smoke of Satan is the Satanic black mass, as mentioned by Malachi Martin in his writings. Although the Antipope Paul VI mentioned the smoke of Satan, he was part and parcel of it. It is especially the black mass child sacrifice by murdering and offering this murdered child to Satan, it is that form, that is the core of the Novus Ordo and Vatican II and everyone that is connected with it and has lead and will lead to nothing but apostasy and that black mass that continues to this day; this Masonry with the Judeo-Freemason Cardinals of the Vatican who were and are the willing servants of Satan and the Antipopes who are the willing pawns of Satan. Those Antipopes are: John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

This prefigures the final abomination of desolation in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

St. Stephen speaking:


42 ¶ And God turned and gave them up to serve the host of heaven, as it is written in the books of the prophets: Did you offer victims and sacrifices to me for forty years, in the desert, O house of Israel?

43 And you took unto you the tabernacle of Moloch and the star of your god Rempham, figures which you made to adore them. And I will carry you away beyond Babylon. (DRV)

The same apostasy exists today in Jerusalem:

"It is a known fact in Kabbala (Cabbalah or Cabala from Qabbala) that impurity and evil are inherently attracted to sanctity,' said a director of one of the most respected Kabbala yeshivot in Jerusalem...."

See below for the basic principle of Satanism governing Talmudic Kabbalistic Judaism. It is not about the holiness they pretend it to be. It is about willful apostasy to the Devil.


“Daemon Est Deus Inversus" (Latin) Daemon is divinity inverted; more commonly, the Devil is God inverted. An ancient Hermetic, and later Qabbalistic, aphorism referring to that polar power which is required by the equilibrium and harmony in nature. The One, when manifested, becomes Two, and from the Two are unfolded or evolved all the sequence of manifest existence. Spirit and matter, good and evil, as distinct conceptions exist only by their mutual contrast. There is no evil per se, but the human notion of essential evil arises from our inability to take in the whole at a single glance.

Daemon is applicable in general to all formative power, from the highest to the lowest; in this aphorism it denotes the formative rays in their manifestation in and on the lower planes of prakriti, called by contrast the nether pole. Western monotheism, having anthropomorphized the higher creative powers into a personal God, personified the lower powers into a Devil and demons. But Satan or the Adversary is only God's messenger, because what is below reflects what is above. This aphorism, then, states that all the manifested universe is the representation or material inversion or reflection of the divine essence and its emanations which in their aggregate compose the spiritual background and causal forces of the universe. Furthermore, a reflected image reverses.

Finally, the aphorism denotes the astral light, represented by a black triangle inverted on a white (SD 1:424).”


This is the “Star of David” which is really the Star of the Solomonic temple and the Star of Rephaim which St. Stephen in the Acts condemned the Pharisees and their predecessor apostates in the time of Moses for, and has nothing to do with David. It is also the sign of Freemasonry and in the interpretation of those who embrace the Zohar and Lurianic Cabala is (though they don’t admit it to Christians who would be horrified by this) their symbol of service to Satan and not God.

"The HEXAGRAM [Lurianic Cabalistic Magen David 6-pointed star] was adopted by the Zionist Organization at the First Zionist Congress in 1897." (Cavendish, p. 1300)

Daemon Est Deus Inversus is pure Satanism and will be punished in hell by God for eternity. It is the absolute founding principle of Lurianic Cabbalism embodied in the Zohar as well, which is the essence of Talmudism and what is the belief of Talmudic Judaism. Therefore it is totally Antichrist and all people who have any part of it will go to hell for eternity.

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